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The education services market in Vietnam is very large, and its potential is only in the very early stages of realisation. Of the total population of Vietnam of approximately 90 million people, it is estimated that there are more than 20 million students attending pre-schools, primary or secondary schools, universities or colleges, and vocational training facilities.

Culturally, Vietnam is significantly influenced by Confucian principles, a major characteristic of which is a focus on personal, familial, and social furtherance and improvement through education. Most Vietnamese see education as being the key to success in life. Such cultural emphasis on education gives rise to strong demand for high quality education, particularly foreign education (via both foreign invested education facilities in Vietnam, as well as “twinning” programs undertaken between Vietnamese education facilities and education facilities located overseas).

Recent years have seen a marked shift in economic orientation in Vietnam towards service sectors and higher value-added industries, in turn giving rise to strong employer demand for top quality graduates, and in particular graduates of foreign education institutions. As such demand increases, so must the supply of quality education services also increase to enable the supply of graduates to meet employer demand.

Recent legislative developments have established a new legal framework in respect of higher education in Vietnam, and have clarified the process for obtaining licensing approval for the establishment and operation of higher education facilities in Vietnam. Nevertheless, it remains a significant challenge to obtain licences to operate education investments in Vietnam.

Education is a conditional investment sector in respect of which it is particularly important to obtain expert advice and guidance from experienced professional practitioners who have a proven track record in representing both foreign and Vietnamese investors on successfully established and implemented educational investment projects. Frasers’ track record and expertise are second to none in the field of education.

Recent Work

  • Advising the first wholly foreign owned university in Vietnam on the finalisation of documentation for offshore loans from IFC and ADB for the construction of the university in Ho Chi Minh City and to establish a new campus in Hanoi.

  • Advising a major international investor on its proposed establishment of a joint venture in the field of education and trademark registration.

  • Acting for a UK company to establish a multifunctional English school to teach English for adults and to offer vocational courses to local industry and business (particularly the tourist and hotel industries).

  • Advising an educational facility on its ability to commence legal proceedings in accordance with the laws of Vietnam against another educational facility in relation to a matter of defamation.

  • Advising an international client on a proposed joint venture with a Vietnam incorporated company which would offer innovative English learning centre services in Vietnam.