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The Third Revision of the Law of Intellectual Property

18 August 2021

Currently, the Vietnamese Government is embarking upon a major amendment exercise of the Intellectual Property Law (the Third Revision) which is expected to become law sometime in 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

The development of the intellectual property legislation in Vietnam has come a long way since the legislation in the 1980s that had been crafted to protect the interests of consumers, as compared to the rights of the owners or licensees of intellectual property. The legislation at the time was based upon a hotchpotch of legislation, as compared to being contained in one centralised Law. In 2009, the first Law on Intellectual Property in Vietnam was enacted.

The Third Revision of the IP Law is the most ambitious and the most comprehensive ever in comparison to the two earlier revisions made in 2009 and 2019. It provides for a robust regulatory framework relating to the recognition and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Vietnam, and responds in part to advances in technology, although admittedly there is still room for further improvement.

We refer you to the discussion of the key amendments under the Third Revision of the Intellectual Property Law in our Legal Update below.

File: The Third Revision of the Law of Intellectual Property