Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

Sustainability has rightfully become a key consideration for major investment decisions, especially with the continuing threat of climate change. With governments and industry sectors adopting stricter regulatory frameworks, businesses are also seeing the need for being more proactive and going beyond baseline ESG Compliance.

Our team routinely advises both international and local clients not only in ESG compliance but also in developing ahead-of-the-curve guidance in developing corporate sustainability policies. Our clients rely on our team to not only adapt global ESG guidance and checklists from a Vietnamese perspective but also to provide new insights into further enhancing sustainability policies across all jurisdictions where they operate.

We help international and local clients in achieving their sustainability goals and some of the types of work we have done include:

  • Assisting major power generation companies in their energy transition initiatives in Vietnam;
  • Developing robust employee codes of conduct for international clients looking into establishing operations in Vietnam; and
  • Guiding major resource companies in developing fully compliant operations in Vietnam.