Legal Analysis: Impact of the Commercial Law on Share Sale and Purchase Transactions in Vietnam

05/10/2023 16:00

Vietnam’s laws continue to evolve and adapt along with the rapid development of Vietnam’s economy and its increasing integration with the international economy. Laws regulating commercial activities in Vietnam exist, although arguably have not developed in sophistication as rapidly as the Vietnamese economy itself. The laws of Vietnam designed to regulate commerce are sometimes misconstrued or manipulated by parties seeking to avoid contractual or other legal liability.

Our legal analysis discusses Vietnam’s Commercial Law and the ways in which it is sometimes manipulated to impact adversely on share sale and purchase transactions in Vietnam. Our authors explore whether or not the Commercial Law was intended to regulate share sale and purchase transactions and the manner in which it is sometimes deployed by share sale and purchase participants in ways that are unlikely to have been envisaged by its authors.

File: Legal-Analysis-Impact-of-the-Commercial-Law-on-Share-Sale-and-Purchase-Agreements-in-Vietnam-October-2023.pdf