Arbitration in Vietnam 2024

01/02/2024 17:00

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As Vietnam continues to be a key player in global trade and investments, the requirement for a robust international arbitration landscape friendlier to foreign and domestic investors continues to be paramount in the minds of these investors. Understanding the nuances and developments of international arbitration in Vietnam and in major arbitration hubs is paramount.

We will delve into the intricacies of Vietnamese arbitration, exploring recent developments, notable cases, and the evolving legal framework vis-à-vis the notable developments from major jurisdictions that may impact the practice and enforcement of arbitral awards in Vietnam in our webinar “International Arbitration: Key Trends and Challenges”.

Key Highlights:

•    Gain insights into the recent arbitration-related court judgments in Vietnam;
•    Explore recent cases that have shaped arbitration practice;
•    Understand the implications of arbitration developments in key jurisdictions where most of Vietnam’s foreign investors are domiciled;
•    Emerging trends and best practices for effective dispute resolution.

Whether you are a legal professional, business executive, or anyone interested in the dynamic field of international arbitration, this webinar provides a unique opportunity to enhance your understanding of arbitration in Vietnam and key jurisdictions and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving legal landscape.