Frasers Webinar Series: On Demand

13/12/2023 17:00

Did you miss any of our previous sessions in the Frasers Webinar Series? You may access the recordings of our webinars through the links below. You may also share this webpage with your colleagues in case they would like to view any of our previous presentations.

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Our team organised and presented a series of webinars discussing some of the key highlights of the Land Law. For the first session in our series, Dinh Thi Hien Ly will discuss the significant changes to the regulatory framework for land acquisition in Vietnam, and some practical considerations for land acquisition strategies. Click here to view the recording.


Ho Thuy Ngoc Tram and Nguyen Mai Phuong discussed how the Amended Telecommunications Law is expected to impact investment in data centres in Vietnam, along with other key issues to consider. Click here to view the recording.


Justin Gisz and Earl Rivera-Dolera discussed the details about the SPNC v RDH case and provided an analysis (based entirely upon facts, matters, and circumstances which are already a matter of public record) of the key substantive and procedural aspects of SPNC’s claims against RDH, the SIAC arbitral award, the first instance Court decision to refuse to recognise the SIAC award, and ultimately the appeal Court decision to recognise the SIAC award for enforcement in Vietnam. Click here to view the recording.


Duong Thi Mai Huong discussed and provided a concise analysis of the updated version of the draft Cybersecurity Administrative Sanctions Decree, as well as the intricacies of Vietnam's Decree on Personal Data Protection (Decree 13). Click here to view the recording.


PDPVIII Update Series

Our team organised and presented a series of webinars providing guidance on PDPVIII, its implications, and the legal aspects of developing, acquiring, and financing current and future energy projects in Vietnam. Click on the titles below to view the recording.


Are sophisticated and international-standard claims and liability provisions enforceable in Vietnam? How do contractual provisions interplay with applicable Vietnam legislation in a warranty or indemnity claim scenario? Justin Gisz delved into the details of the pointy end of transactions in Vietnam. Click here to view the recording.


Pham Thanh Mai and Ho Thuy Ngoc Tram discussed the fundamental concepts of restructuring with respect to the latest relevant regulations, as well as practical examples of how companies can approach internal and external restructurings, suspensions, and involuntary dissolutions. Click here to view the recording of the webinar.


Dinh Thi Hien Ly provided a high-level introduction to the key licences required for the development and operation of an industrial zone development project in Vietnam. The session also touched on certain practical legal issues from the perspective of projects’ licensing, operations, and M&A. Click here to view the recording of the webinar.

Nguyen Mai Phuong discussed the recent developments in pricing plans for renewable energy, particularly with regard to transitional projects, and grid-connected rooftop solar power projects. The session also covered key insights into Direct Power Purchase Agreements (DPPA) as a viable solution for renewable energy and the future pricing plans for new wind and solar projects. Click here to view the recording of the webinar.

On 10 February 2023, the Government of Vietnam promulgated Decree No. 03/2023/ND-CP (Decree 03/2023), detailing the functions, tasks, powers, and organisation of the Vietnam Competition Commission (VCC). Decree 03/2023 shall take effect on 1 April 2023.  In this session, Duong Thi Mai Huong discussed key insights into the establishment of the VCC and the expected developments in the enforcement of Vietnam’s Law on Competition. Click here to view the recording of the webinar.

Frasers’ Head of Tax, Phan Xuan Qui, presented developments in tax policy in key industries, particularly updates concerning tax incentives, VAT, corporate income tax, and capital gains tax. Click here to view the recording of the webinar.

These recordings and their content provide only summaries and general information of the subject matter covered as of the date of their presentation, without the assumption of a duty of care by Frasers. These recordings and their content are not intended to be nor should they be relied on as a substitute for legal or other professional advice.