How to Undertake a Data Centre Investment in Vietnam

13/12/2023 10:30

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The data centre market in Vietnam has continued to show significant growth and transformation in the past years. With a growing digital economy, internet and e-commerce adoption, and expansion of cloud services, the country has become an attractive destination for digital infrastructure investments such as data centres. This trend is expected to continue as Vietnam’s technology sector further evolves.

However, establishing data centres in Vietnam requires an understanding of the complex legal issues between local regulations, international standards, and the fast-evolving technology laws of the country. In addition to the due diligence, deal structures, and other regulatory issues to consider, businesses also need to be particularly aware of how the newly passed Amended Telecommunications Law is expected to affect the approach to data centre investments in Vietnam.

We invite you to our upcoming webinar as we discuss how the Amended Telecommunications Law is expected to impact investment in data centres in Vietnam, along with other key issues to consider.